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100 Non-Profits to Receive New Toyota Vehicles in 2012

During 2011, Toyota managed to give away a new Toyota to 100 different non-profit groups in the US with its "100 Cars for Good" program. It goes without saying that the project was a big hit with non-profits, local communities, and everyday Toyota fans alike. All non-profits had to do was submit  an application, explaining how a new vehicle could benefit their cause and further engage with their community.

Seeing as the program was such…

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Toyota Hybrid Vehicles: Past, Present and Future

Times are certainly changing. When the original Toyota Prius appeared in 1997 (albeit a bit later in the U.S.), it was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in the world. Today, the Prius family is made up of several members: the third-generation Toyota Prius, the Toyota Prius v extended hatchback, the thrifty, subcompact Toyota Prius c, which will launch soon, and the newest Prius plug-in, which also premieres (at select dealerships) this spring. In a…

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