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Six Hybrid Toyota Models for 2012

Toyota recently announced that they'd be bringing six new hybrid models to the market in the 2012 model year. This doesn't include the new Toyota Prius v, upcoming Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, or even the recently-announced Toyota Prius C. Rather, Toyota has said that their goal is to further expand its hybrid offerings.

More specifically, the Japanese automaker is claiming that two of these six new models will be released under the luxury Lexus brand, while the remaining four will see a Toyota badge. Furthermore, the company also states that only three of the new hybrids will be…

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Toyota Prius Races Super GT Series

Until recently, Toyota was known for racing the Corolla Axio GT300 in Japan's Super GT Series. This year, however, some new regulations and limitations to the performance of a vehicle within the GT300 segment is forcing many automakers to rethink what vehicle they put on the track. Rather than simply walk away from the series all together, Toyota is taking the opportunity to focus on a new area of performance of their own.

The segment of performance that Lawrence Toyota is referring to is hybrids. Drivers have never quite associated the Toyota Prius with break-neck speeds and hairpin turns…

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