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Kelley Blue Book Explores the Winning Ways of 2017 Toyota Prius

In your estimation, what qualities must any given hybrid hatchback possess in order to be considered a success? Is it style, fuel economy, onboard amenities, or something else altogether?

Well, regardless of your reply, we here at Team Toyota of Princeton are wholly convinced you'll find exactly what you're after in the form of ours, the 2017 Prius.

Of course, we wouldn't dare make such a declaration without also providing the facts to back it. Click "play" on the clip below and watch as Kelley Blue Book Managing Video Editor, Micah Muzio, takes the Prius for a…

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Toyota Makes Painfully-Obvious Attempt to Target Millennials, But We're Laughing Anyway

A recent advertising campaign for the all-new Prius Prime plug-in hybrid is awkward, edgy, and weird in a way that has many viewers scratching their heads. But this style of ironic humor is one all-too familiar to college students and hipsters -- the scripts read like Dan Harmon knock-offs. It's a little obvious that this marketing campaign is going after the Twitter-trolling, Tumblr-reblogging millennial generation.

Well, while pandering is usually a turn-off, we couldn't help but snerk while watching this one.

The vehicle it is advertising is no let-down, either. The 2017 Prius...


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Is the Giant Panda Finally Back on Track?

Amazing news hit the Princeton area early this month. The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is no longer Endangered.

"How is this possible?" you may ask. Pandas have been on the brink of extinction since before you can remember, and they almost refuse to breed in captivity.

Well, while zoos have floundered in getting the black-and-white bears to get their groove on, China has been enforcing some...

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Toyota Supports Living Building Certified Youth Campus at Yellowstone National Park

Imagine getting out of New Jersey, and spending a week in the heart of Yellowstone National Park, learning about the delicate balance of nature that surrounds you. Imagine the very building you're staying in is an exemplification of how humans can live in balance with the natural world.

This dream will soon be a reality for hundreds of children participating in Yellowstone's youth programs.


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Toyota Keeps it in the Family

You can tell a lot about a family based on the kinds of cars they drive, and for this Toyota-loving clan, we can see why they've loved our Lawrenceville, NJ dealership's favorite brands for several generations. And for nearly the past decade, the Huang family has gone hybrid, with their latest model being the new 2015 Toyota Prius that's only recently arrived. Listen to what they have to say about Toyota and…

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Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept is a Go

Toyota will soon introduce a new lineup of "budget" sports cars, but don't get too excited. It is possible that there is a bigger plan for the FT-86/FR-S, and rumors of a rear-drive hatchback, but it's more likely that Toyota is instead going to add "sport" trim to existing models.

Toyota released the "G Sports" or "GS" versions of its Voxy and Noah vans earlier this year, and they may head that…
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