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The Undeniably Versatile Tundra Conquers Baja

The Baja 1000 represents one of the most grueling challenges for off-road enthusiasts looking to take on over a thousand miles of desert terrain. If you've ever seen the vehicles that run this race, you'll know that some of them look like they were pulled from the set of a Mad Max film. But for the TRD Pro team, their vehicle is a stock Toyota Tundra. This may sound like they have gone…

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Toyota Keeps it in the Family

You can tell a lot about a family based on the kinds of cars they drive, and for this Toyota-loving clan, we can see why they've loved our Lawrenceville, NJ dealership's favorite brands for several generations. And for nearly the past decade, the Huang family has gone hybrid, with their latest model being the new 2015 Toyota Prius that's only recently arrived. Listen to what they have to say about Toyota and…

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The 2015 Toyota Corolla Elevates Every Moment

If you sense a lot of excitement around our Lawrenceville, NJ dealership, it's most likely because of the recent arrival of the all-new 2015 Toyota Corolla, a car that brings joy wherever it goes. Check out this fun video for the new sedan, then come on over to our dealership to take a test drive.

With amazing style and technology, the Corolla ups its game, providing you with plenty of excitement while on the…

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What Makes These People Fans of the Prius?

Here at Team Toyota of Princeton, we know that the Toyota Prius is a great vehicle. Aside from its reputation for efficiency, it is also versatile, spacious, and safe. Any driver would be happy to get behind the wheel of this vehicle.

The video below tells us about one family of Prius lovers. Check it out to hear why they chose to drive this car.

Since their Prius kept them safe during an accident, this?

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What Happens When You Take a Toyota Sienna Camping?

Are you a fan of the Youtube series, "Convos With My 2-Year-Old"? Well now you can hear some more from the guy behind those funny conversations in the new commercials, "Convos With My Sienna." Take a look at the video to see what he talks about with his 2015 Toyota Sienna.

The man and the Sienna discuss where the Sienna is going to stay during the camping trip. The van argues that it should stay…

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New Toyota Camry Comes with Improved Performance

Wanting to make a good thing even better, our Lawrenceville, NJ dealership's favorite brand has done quite a bit on the performance end when it comes to the upcoming 2015 edition of the Toyota Camry. Take a quick look and listen at how the 2015 Camry has been developed to give you a better feel for the roads you'll be spending much more time on.

Innovative technology goes into creating ultimate handling and…

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Toyota's New Engine Design Directly Generates Electricity

Toyota has designed a new kind of internal combustion engine for range-extended electric vehicles. This design was presented at the presented at SAE World Congress in Detroit as a possible solution to range-related issues found in some electric cars.

This engine, which is still in its prototype phase, is the Free Piston Engine Linear Generator (FPEG). It is smaller and lighter than the ones that are adapted from regular engines, and it generates electricity more?

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TRD Pro Series to Boost Toyota Truck Fun

The Toyota brand has built a widely known reputation for manufacturing some of the most rugged and tough trucks around. This heritage was recently displayed at the Chicago Auto Show, where the Japanese automaker debuted the TRD Pro Series package. This package is geared towards off-roading enthusiasts and will be available on the Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra. Check out how much fun it will be to get your Toyota truck dirty with the new?

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Toyota Prius Least Least Likely To Be Stolen

Fifty-one miles per gallon in the city and 48-mpg for highway driving. Lawrence Toyota is guessing that these numbers rank amongst the top reasons why Toyota Prius drivers have selected the gas-electric auto. They also happen to be prime factors for why the hybrid is largely immune to auto theft.


Confused? Allow us to shed some light. Recently, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) conducted a study and found that the Toyota Prius is one…

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Toyota Gives to Charity to Celebrate 35 Years of R&D in United States

Everyone celebrates milestones differently. Some throw a big party. Others, meanwhile, may opt for a more low-key celebration. In the case of the employees of the Toyota Technical Center...they opted to celebrate 35 years of research and development in the United States quite differently.

See, they didn't throw a party at all, really. Well, maybe they did; we here at Lawrence Toyota can't be sure since we weren't invited. What we…

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